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Penetration Testing Course in Mohali

Why Choose Our Product

Built by a team of experienced Penetration Testing Course in Mohali, A web-based platform that speeds up the common steps performed in almost every assessment: reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and report writing. Using the 20+ built-in tools, you get quick insights into targets’ weaknesses so you know where to dig deeper, pop shells, and have fun.

Vulnerability Scanning

Web Application Scanning

  • Use our powerful, custom Website Vulnerability Scanner to accurately detect common vulnerabilities (e.g. XSS, SQLi, OS Command injection) in classic and modern web applications (SPAs)

  • Quickly identify specific security issues with dedicated scanners for API vulnerabilities and widely used CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint)

Network Scanning

  • Uncover a wide range of infrastructure security issues with our Network Vulnerability Scanner, a custom tool which finds unnecessary open ports, missing security patches, service misconfigurations, and critical CVEs (Log4shell, ProxyShell, etc.)

  • Find weak credentials and prove the risk of unauthorized access with our Password Auditor tool


  • Exploit critical CVEs, gain initial access, extract sensitive files and more with Sniper – Auto Exploiter

  • Show your customers the real impact of your findings by extracting powerful evidence and creating strong proof-of-concepts

  • Also exploit web vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS and more, extracting data to demonstrate real security risks


  • Use the Pentest Report Generator to quickly create editable Word (.docx) reports from your findings – 50% faster than the manual way

  • Simplify report writing with predefined Word templates and a rich library of common findings (with description, risk, and recommendations)

  • Create your own custom, reusable findings and report templates

  • Schedule periodic vulnerability scans

  • Automatically send reports to Email, Slack or Webhooks

  • Get notified when high risk issues are found or when other custom conditions are met